ISO 9001:2015 for SMEs

A misconception exists that ISO 9001 is a "box ticking" exercise which serves only to add bureaucratic processes and overhead cost into an organisation. When implemented effectively, nothing could be further from the truth! There are many benefits to operating in accordance with the standard and these certainly include;


  • Enhanced Customer Focus and hence a means to drive Customer Satisfaction.
  • The means to design effective methods of working, reducing waste and increasing profitability.
  • An ongoing focus on improving proceses based on learning and changing circumstances.
  • A means to externally demonstrate an organisations ability to consistently provide products, services and solutions that meet Customer, statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • ISO 9001 provides a foundation on which to build deserved Customer Loyalty and hence Business Success!


Another misconception is that ISO 9001 can only add value for larger organisations; this is far from the truth. In fact the standard is exceptionally well placed to support smaller organisations especially as they address the challenges of growth. The benefits of operating in accordance with ISO 9001 include;


  • Well controlled processes avoid loss of operational control as business levels increase.
  • By measuring and monitoring process performance, improvements in effectiveness can be achieved, reducing costs, driving profitability and creating the cash to help support growth.
  • Staying close to Customers and meeting their expectations helps avoid interruptions to cash flow.
  • Regular measurement of Customer Satisfaction ensures that latent causes of dissatisfaction can be identified and focus maintained on the real drivers of Loyalty.
  • Communication of the Business Plan and the emphasis on training to support execution is given appropriate priority.
  • The required focus on Customers and improvement ensure that changes in the market place are recognised and responded to in an appropriate manner.
  • Certification to ISO 9001:2015 provides an opportunity to promote success and an excellent opportunity to enhance any marketing initiative.


At Six Pillars Consulting we have extensive experience in the design, implementation and operation of ISO 9001 compliant Quality Management Systems. We are able to provide bespoke support for those organisations wishing to move towards or secure Certification or perhaps to use the 2015 revision as a means to refocus the effectiveness of an existing Certification. Our combination of subject matter knowledge, direct experience of implementation and extensive operational background makes us able to support highly successful outcomes for you and your organisation.


We look forward to discussing your specific needs. Please contact us.

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