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Project Customer Excellence

While able to support Project Excellence programmes across a wide range of topics, at Six Pillars Consulting we have a specific passion associated with the connections between the "Project Experience", Customer Loyalty and Business Success! Our Customers often wish to improve;


  • The clarity of their Project Value Proposition, its connection with available products, solutions and services and the initial ability of the Sales Team to articulate that value.
  • The effectiveness of arrangements to transfer specific Customer Value information from the Sales Phase to the Project Phase.
  • The ability of the Project Team to realise the specific Customer Value attributes within the executed project.
  • The arrangements in place to jointly "celebrate" with the Customer when the anticipated value is secured within the project deliverables.
  • The ability of the Service Team to protect and further develop specific Customer Value.
  • Methods in place to ensure the Sales Team can leverage deserved future opportunities based on successful project outcomes.
  • Their ability to identify and execute required improvements based on objective Customer feedback rather than internally focused priorities.

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