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Customer Loyalty Development

While an undoubted and positive side effect, we do not seek Satisfied and Loyal Customers simply for the "warm glow" it provides in our day-to- day interactions. Loyal Customers stay with us longer, buy more and recommend us to their colleagues and extended network based on the trust that exists in the relationship. As such, Customer Loyalty underpins an organisation's sustainable and profitable growth!


The relationship that develops with Loyal Customers is not one-sided but is instead that of Trusted Partners who grow and share together adding value over time to the respective organisations.


At Six Pillars Consulting, we offer support to our Customers in the design, launch and ongoing deployment of Customer Loyalty Programmes highly tuned to their specific needs and circumstances. We are able to scale our support from high level oversight through to taking full responsibility for programme success over an extended period.


Our work is informed by numerous sources but we take great account of The Ultimate Question 2.0 by Fred Reicheld and the Six Pillars Customer Loyalty Maturity Model of our own development.


Our Services - Customer Loyalty Programme Development 

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